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Dr. Higa Living A Dream nieuwsbericht #108:

When we make activated EM we use seawater, but high quality activated solution can also be made by adding salt so the content is equivalent to seawater (3 to 3.5% salt). Since bacteria are completely suppressed, this solution does not deteriorate even after one year has passed, as long as it is saved in air-tight containers. Therefore, it can be used in a stable manner as an inoculum for secondary activated liquid.

If this good quality activated solution used as an inoculum is increased by using seawater, theoretically, repeated long-term usage is possible. However, in order to maintain the balance of microflora, you need to add 1:5,000 to 1:10,000 of EM Super Cera C powder and about 1:1,000 to 1:2,000 of stock solution.

If it is hard to collect sea water but you need to make a large quantity of activated EM, use a corresponding 3 to 3.5% amount of salt in order to produce a large amount. If you do not store secondary activated EM for a long time (2-3 months), you can reduce the salt content up to about 1%, so if it is to be used as soon as possible, you can reduce the amount of salt content.

The activated EM with seawater made in this way can be used for pest control, with a 1:50 dilution used for once-per-week foliar application. This will have a sufficient preventative effect. However, if pests do appear, add EM Super Cera C powder to the 1:50 dilution at a dilution of 1:1,000 to 2,000, and use once every 2 to 3 days.

We often receive questions asking whether salt damage is a cause for concern, but so far there have been no complaints from the people who have used it correctly, and we have actually received many reports of appreciation. When applied to the soil, too, apply it once a week, a 1:50 dilution if the soil is sufficiently moist after rainfall, and a 100 to 200 dilution if it is dry. When using it constantly for watering (irrigation), aim for a 1,000 to 2,000 dilution.

There are various reasons for adding salinity, the first one being that it suppresses saprophytic bacteria and produces high quality EM activated solution. Second, it produces a spreading agent effect when used in foliar spraying. In addition, because salt ions carry energy efficiency to plants, photosynthesis efficiency is further enhanced and the absorption of trace elements (which are contained in salt) from leaves is also promoted.

Even when it is applied to soil, it will rectify the resistance of various types of electricity and magnetism etc. in the soil, so it helps to prevent hardening of the soil. The salt, as I already mentioned, will over time be converted to fertilizer by EM. In order to enhance this effect, it is necessary to manage use so that the density of EM is increased through the application of organic matter; at the same time one should use coal (smoked charcoal etc.) in combination, or bury EM mudballs with charcoal and EM Super Cera C powder (containing 20 to 30% charcoal, 1% EM Super Cera C powder) 30 to 50cm deep in the ground every 1 to 2m. Every year the soil will become increasingly fertile.

Additionally, to 500 cc of activated EM made with sea water add 10g of charcoal, 10g of EM Super Cera C powder, and 1 cc of EMX GOLD, take two 3V lithium ion batteries (available at dollar shops) to make 6V, tape these up in a plastic bag to prevent moisture from entering the container, and this will be a perfect Hado source for a barrier.

The points are as shown in the figure and explanations below. Since the effects of EM are amplified resonantly, if you use EM as freely as air or water, the effects of the barrier will be doubled.

Multipurpose Utilization of Salt

As I have frequently written in this series of website articles, when we continue to apply EM, the soil will be converted to fertilizer. I have also explained how, one week before planting, if we spray activated EM made with seawater so that the undiluted solution moistens the surface of plants, weeds will subsequently be kept under control.

In past studies, salt starts to turn into fertilizer after 20-30 days, therefore it is clear that a multipurpose application is possible, since it can act as supplementary fertilizer, the salt has herbicidal effects, and it can cope with soil pests including snails and slugs.

Rough salt similar to natural salt is available for 25kg for „1,500. Spread 50 to 100g per square meter of this rough salt on the entire surface of the area after plant preparation is completed. When you plant seedlings, get rid of the salt on the surface and then it is all right to plant right away. If you are going to sow the seeds, one week later apply a 500 to 1,000 times solution of EM (apply 3 liters per 1 ?) until the salt is dissolved, or after the salt has dissolved due to rain, and then sow the seeds.

Also, when weeding measures are taken after planting, salt is spread between the rows so as not to touch the crops. After that, lightly spray the 500 to 1,000 times activated EM on the leaves just in case.

1. Spread salt between the bunches of plants and put some weeds to mulch.
The leaf lettuce on the left is an example in which weeds are suppressed by spreading salt after planting and there is a remarkable fertilization effect in the latter half of growth. Salt, which mainly contains NaCl, is completely soluble in water, so if appears to be causing harm, apply 500 to 1,000 times activated EM so the soil is sufficiently moist (3 to 5 liters per 1?), and no salt damage will occur at all.

If you use salt well, it will control weeds, snails and slugs will also decrease and will soon be gone, and it is a perfect measure against soil pests. Spreading 50kg of salt per 1,000 square meters for solar thermal disinfection and using 500 to 1,000 liters of activated EM in combination will allow you to attain optimal conditions.

2. Almost no weeds have grown, and the growth of the plants in the second half will be faster.
As a result, the amount of weeds will be greatly reduced and they will be easier to remove. With the synergistic effect of EM, the soil also will become soft and crumbly, and after that change the salt concentration as necessary.

In the case of rice paddies, after the rice planting, when the seedlings are fully rooted, drain water thoroughly and apply sufficient activated EM with sea water to moisten the soil, then spread a mixture of 30 to 50 kg of dried rice bran and 30 to 50 kg of salt per 10 ares. Then apply water after 4 to 5 days, and the highest grade herbicidal effects will be obtained, and yield and quality will be greatly improved. Try this first of all on a small scale area of about 10 ares.

3. A side view. It is the first time I grew them so easily.
Where seawater is freely available, spray 3 to 5 tons of seawater per 10 ares about one week before planting. Then just before planting, apply 500 to 1,000 times activated EM to sufficiently dissolve the salt. By this method the soil will be fertilized, soil pest insects will be reduced, and weeds will be controlled. The point is, if there are no effects, increase the amount, and if there is concern about salt damage, do commonsense measures to dilute the salt with enough water.

??Tie the plastic bottles that are Hado sources at a height of about 50cm, using rope made of strong fiber (mini rope with a 2 to 5mm diameter), which will last for about 10 to 20 years.

??Attach a boundary line to the top of the pillar and connect it to the Hado source.

??Connect the mini rope to the barrier line and set it on the top of the crops or in the center of the rows.

??In order to prevent damage by birds, lay the boundary lines crosswise at the highest point, at 1.5 to 3m. intervals.

??If the area is less than 500 square meters, one plastic bottle as a Hado source is sufficient, but when the area is about 1,000 square meters, set the bottles on diagonal corners. If the area is even larger, set them at all four corners.

??For wildlife protection over a wide area, set the Hado sources at intervals of 50 to 100m.

??The more the Hado sources, the greater the effect. If after setting them they seem ineffective, this is due to the degradation of the quality of the EM activated solution used, or else is due to an insufficient overall number of Hado sources.

??When using with fruit trees, set a Hado source on each tree at a height of 1 to 1.5m, and connect them all with a mini rope.

??If there is an electric pole next to the field, and it does not cause any problems, as explained in the 100th issue of this series it is even more effective if latent voltage can be induced using a line (mini-rope).

(July 8, 2016)
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